A Love Note From Rianna

Dear Warrior,

I didn’t invent Imagine Recovery Residence. I didn’t plan or make a strategy. I simply followed the spiritual principles with honesty and rigor and asked each day during my daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation, for guidance as to what my next action should be.

I was willing to be led, to ask without compromise what is my greatest unique contribution? My daily practice led me to find a voice that meets the foundational human need of re-connection to our divine selves.  Imagine Recovery Residence manifested from the rigorous practice of the spiritual principles.

Practicing the spiritual principles is not the easy path. It takes persistence, patience and perseverance. I started my journey with the help of others. By finding a group of people who believed in me more than I believed in myself. That’s what we do here at Imagine. We believe in you until you believe in yourself.

I found my recovery in sister circles. Sister circles, by definition, allow us to foster and build on the kinship and sense of community we feel when we come together to support one another. Circles encourage us to share, listen and learn from one another with each participant contributing equally.

I feel honored that I get to witness this sacred ritual in action at Imagine and see the healing energy in the air as women joined together in reconnecting to themselves, embrace each other warmly, celebrating their determination and offering up wisdom, laughter and strength for the long journey ahead.

I know that you’ve already started your journey to reconnect to your divine self.

And the highest in me honors the highest in you.

Hope to meet you soon.



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