About Rianna

Imagine Recovery Residence was founded by Rianna Scipio. Rianna is also a spiritual practitioner, a recovery expert, a journalist and creative content producer and a mother of two.

She used to be a news authority on BBC TV. Today, she no longer delivers, writes or watches the news. She specializes in something far more reliable: spiritual recovery, or specifically, the spiritual practice of transforming adversity into purpose.  The syndicated show, ‘The Doctors’, agree that she’s the best at what she does.

You’ll find that her approach to spiritual recovery is effective. She developed it over the past few years as a perfect blend of academic research, case studies and personal experience, and mostly, daily spiritual practice.

Her purpose is to help as many of those who suffer and their families as possible through the services of Imagine Recovery Residence. And to spread the word via digital media, first class journalism and personal narrative that:

  • Sustained recovery is 100% possible
  • A recovered life is meaningful, rich and purposeful beyond imagination, not in spite of where you’ve been but because of it
  • Abstinence is not recovery but recovery begins with abstinence
  • The stigma of addiction and mental health is redundant
  • Spiritual recovery requires deep acceptance that sadness, pain and discomfort are normal shades of the human experience. Paradoxically, this radical acceptance is the unmovable bedrock of sustained joy

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