If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place

Why do I keep doing the same thing over and over again, even though I promise myself I’ll stop?

Why do I feel lonely?

Why do I feel like a fake inside?

Why do I love to check out and spend time by myself?

Why do I feel lost?

Why are things falling apart?

How do I get my life on track and find out what I’m here for?


What to expect

We are here to help women who are suffering from eating disorders, chemical dependency, love, sex, trauma and mental health issues, and other life-shattering chapters, to growlives of sustained joy and purpose.

When you’ve come undone, and things are falling apart Imagine Recovery Residence is your safe and comfortable place to come home to when you attend outside treatment centers in the greater Los Angeles area. The powerful culture of female camaraderie is noticeable. Everyday, people tell us they feel the healing energy carried by our love for recovery.

Imagine Recovery Residence is the very opposite of corporate or commercial. We know you as individuals with human hearts. You are not cases. You are Jane, Lisa, Sharon and Hope. We don’t say it to impress you we say it because helping you to sustain your recovery is our highest honor. As part of Imagines’ diversity of women in recovery,y ou mature in compassion and understanding for each other. As you expand and clear inner space, your kindness turnsback to you. You make peace with the past and heal in dignity. Youlaugh through the tears with new allies,andputlife together as something that means a lot.

We keep the milieu small at Imagine Recovery Residence and offer you the uncommonbenefit of apersonalized recovery plan. Your structureof support is shaped with you, the architect of your recovery, hand in hand with your outpatient treatment team whose expertise we value.It all starts with an honest and open conversation about your particular goals and challenges. We don’t condescend grown folk we walk with you.

Our female mentorsinfluencein the most powerful way on earth.We teach by empathy and example that you are not victims of circumstance. You are the creative force. And you can make tremendous impact. Not in spite of where you’ve been, but because of it.You gain direction in practical lifestyle skills, spiritual recovery and emotional fitness. And you areinspired to reach for your highest self, because with these simple tools you can go anywhere.

We believe that addiction, breakdown and depression areyour life’s invitation to release old ways of thinking that don’t work for you anymore. If you desire the freedomof mind to choose how you feel and livein the world,regardless of life’s difficulties,but what’s holding you back is:

  • You’re scared of change
  • You’re not sure of what recovery means yet
  • You don’t know how you’ll get there
  • You’re not sure of how you’ll cope without the old habits and patterns you’re familiar with
  • You’re not sure who you’ll be without the old habits and patterns you’re familiar with

We understand all of that. We get it. We get it because we’ve been there. And we 100% can guarantee you a life more meaningful and purposeful than anything you can imagine if you are willing to take the right actions and get the right help.

For now, you only have to take the first step.

Call 800.920.5770 or click on the link below to receive your free personal consultation. And let’s get started.

Imagine is all about Recovery.

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