Date: June 9TH 2017 10 AM – 12 PM


Facilitator: Jordan Watson

Title Everything Belongs: Exploring the spiritual practice of soul work


Humanity is inherently spiritual in nature and still we often define our identity or measure our self worth by the material. Pain, suffering, and confusion becomes our experience when we are disconnected from our true soulful nature. The work of the healer is to strengthen the soul of those that suffer in an effort to lead them towards greater embodiment and connectedness. The landscape of modern life can appear to provide many obstacles to spiritual experience. However, the practice of soul work cultivates a new vision of reality in which everything belongs. In this path, all things are regarded as sacred and each experience is understood as an offering to do the work. In this workshop, we will explore together the spiritual practice of soul work, the value of this effort for those in the healing professions, and the impact it can have on those that suffer in our world today.


Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to identify and describe three techniques to strengthen the soul of a client.

Participants will identify and describe at least one spiritual practice that can be used for their own self-care. 

Participants will learn two techniques for meditation and breath work. 


Jordan’s Biography

Jordan Watson brings a wide range of spiritual experience developed through professional work with religious groups, a dedicated personal spiritual practice, and education in the fields of spirituality, world religion, and yoga. He works as the Director of West Coast Outreach for Monte Nido and Affiliates, an industry leader in eating disorder and exercise addiction treatment. In addition, he is the creator and Founder of Freestyled Soul, a gathering space for those interested in soul work and spiritual mentorship. Jordan’s own spiritual journey has cultivated a deep love for people, a passion for service, and a heart for community. It is his passion to guide others in the development of their own spiritual practice that deeply connects them with their true nature, a real sense of sense of tribe, and the Divine. Jordan holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from Pepperdine University and is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour, RYT 200. He also holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Religion and Speech Communication from Pepperdine.



June 23RD 2017 10 AM – 12 PM


Facilitator: Rianna Scipio

Title Look Again: Depression and addiction are your life’s invitation to reconnect with your true divine essence


Being a lifetime spiritual seeker, I have evidenced in the sacred texts of the Bible and the Quran and in the more modern works of Joseph Campbell, Khalil Gibran and Paulo Coelho that the secret to emotional freedom is paradoxically to be discovered within the heart of our emotional pain. The great spiritual and religious stories throughout time are symbolic. The crucifixion is just one of them representing the psychic shattering we must enter and endure if we are to be resurrected (or brought back to life) to the true essence of ourselves. These stories signal that the only way beyond the pain is through it.

There is nothing wrong with you. The intense emotional heat of your anger or the numbness of your depression or the scratchiness of your addiction are manifestations of your desire to reconnect with your divine essence. It is the fire you must walk through that will not burn you. It will burn away what you are not if you are willing to sit in grace, and walk through with your fellows, rather than masking the very emotions that would be your teachers.


Learning Objectives

  • Opportunities to reframe the way we look at depression and addictions and process addictions as life’s invitation to awaken to your Divine self.
  • Religious and spiritual examples of the ‘darkness before the dawn.’
  • Practical meditations for self-healing.



Rianna Scipio is the Founder of Imagine Recovery Residence. Rianna is also a spiritual practitioner, a recovery expert, a journalist/producer and a mother of two.

She used to be a news authority on BBC TV. Today, she no longer delivers, writes or watches the news. She specializes in something far more reliable: spiritual recovery, or specifically, the spiritual practice of transforming adversity into purpose.  The syndicated show, ‘The Doctors’, agree that she’s the best at what she does.

You’ll find that her approach to spiritual recovery is effective. She developed it over the past few years as a perfect blend of academic research, case studies and personal experience, and mostly, daily spiritual practice.

Her purpose is to help as many of those who suffer and their families as possible through the services of Imagine Recovery Residence. And to spread the word via digital media, first class journalism and personal narrative that:

  • Sustained recovery is 100% possible
  • A recovered life is meaningful, rich and purposeful beyond imagination, not in spite of where you’ve been but because of it
  • Abstinence is not recovery but recovery begins with abstinence
  • The stigma of addiction and mental health is redundant
  • Spiritual recovery requires deep acceptance that sadness, pain and discomfort are normal shades of the human experience. Paradoxically, this radical acceptance is the unmovable bedrock of sustained joy



JULY 7TH 201710 AM – 12 PM